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pray 4 peter

Posted by mama on May 22, 2005 at 12:28:23

Timely prayer request for Peter's health and strength
From Mama

Dear Family,
Peter and I love you so very much and we are proud of you for staying close to the Lord‚ having faith‚ and taking up the challenges He's put before you! We have a wonderful, thrilling future ahead of us, so let's keep wielding our undefeatable weapon of praise! The Lord is doing miracles, and it's a great time to be serving Him and winning the world.

Thank you so much for your continued prayers for Peter and me. We appreciate your sacrificing your time and strength to call on the keys for us. Our wonderful Husband is keeping us safe and doing miracles to keep us going. In fact, Peter's heart has been quite strong recently and rarely bothering him. We praise our wonderful Husband, and we thank you for your faithfulness in prayer and calling on the keys. We know it's in answer to your faithful prayers.

I want to ask for your special prayers for Peter. He is in need of a major infilling of the Lord's strength. As you know, Peter has been very busy for many months‚ with one emergency after another since January-not to mention the heavy load he carried all of last year. His workload has been heavier than ever, and much of the work has been performed under quite a bit of pressure and spiritual strain, due to the nature of the work or the weighty decisions that needed to be made. While he and I did have several days of partial rest recently, that was just enough for Peter to barely refill his reserves a bit‚ but not enough to regain much of his long-term strength.

Right before these days of rest he had had many days of intense work recording the audio classes for the Home Shepherd Training Program. Then as soon as those days of rest were over, he went right into more intense days of video filming for the second Coach Training Seminar. That work was spiritually taxing and physically tiring, both the preparation of the material and the actual delivery on tape or video. There were numerous attacks of the Enemy on his health during his work on those two projects—dizziness, eye patterns, a sore throat, back problems, etc., but he just kept fighting, praising and persevering, and by a miracle, he was able to finish on schedule. Praise the Lord!

Now Peter needs to go into a series of important meetings‚ and then in just a few days he must take a business trip involving more meetings. Unfortunately, he got sick two days ago‚ right after finishing the videoing. He was already pretty much on "empty" strength-wise even before he was sick‚ but when he came down with diarrhea, vomiting, aches and extreme tiredness, that knocked him for a loop and pretty much depleted any tiny bit of reserves of strength he might have had and now he is very weak.

I'd like to ask that you please pray very desperately for Peter, not only for his immediate healing but that the Lord will miraculously give him greater ongoing strength—strength that will remain and carry him through the next many months of very intense work. He has many projects and travels lined up that are all quite taxing, and unless he has more strength and stamina for the days to come, he's just not going to be able to continue doing the job.

I'd specifically like to ask that you pray that Peter has more strength than even before he got sick. In fact, he needs much more strength than he's had for a long time. When you get sick for a number of days it usually takes a while to recover, but he needs an immediate full recovery and then he needs to go "from strength to strength," so that he'll have all that he needs for the challenges he'll face in the future.

Please pray desperately, calling on the keys of strength‚ sustenance, miracles, rejuvenation, and inspiration. I would specifically like to ask the Lord to fulfill the following key promises for Peter:

When you are weakest in the flesh, call on the keys to draw you unto Me and bring you revival and greater strength than you have ever known.

If you ask anything in My name in the power of the keys, I will do it, and you will see miracles.

I love you and appreciate your calling on the keys and wielding the weapon of praise on Peter's behalf, and I know we're going to see miracles. We praise You, our wonderful Husband!

With much love and gratitude,