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Yes, Peter, mistakes were made...

Posted by Nemesis on May 24, 2005 at 09:15:39

I hope everyone will take the time to read the following article at xfamily:

It's a story of kidnapping and obstruction of justice, with the highest leadership of TFI implicated in the conspiracy. There is also some mention of Claire Borowick's complicity in obstruction of justice.

If anyone is wondering what law the current FBI & IRS investigations could possibly be considering as a basis of charges against TFI's LEADERSHIP, I suggest doing a little reading up on the RICO Act:

Yes, Mama & Peter, "mistakes" were made. Unfortunately for you, these "mistakes" are prosecutable crimes that won't go away with a few apologies and a carefully crafted PR campaign. As corrupt leadership of an organization that misleads its own membership and the public about the history of your criminal conspiracies, you should be aware there is a high probability you will be indicted under the RICO Act.

WS readers from TFI, please try to get this straight when giving your report to Peter & Mama about postings you read on this apostate website: The arm of U.S. Justice isn't coming against ordinary Family members, and there will likely be no raids on Family Homes--unless one of the indicted leaders happens to live there.

If there is a just God in Heaven, the arm of U.S. Justice is coming against Family leadership who have conspired to commit and cover up crimes against children & families. The aim is of this "persecution" is not to take away your right to freedom of religion; the aim is to take away your leadership's ability to commit unpunished crimes under the protection of religious freedom.