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Re: It's much more serious than that.

Posted by on May 25, 2005 at 23:46:18

In Reply to: Re: It's much more serious than that. posted by JoJo on May 24, 2005 at 13:20:35:

Hi, JoJo:

I used hyperbole to make a point. I did not intend to attack your person, but I had specific questions for you. Accusing me of attacking with a sledgehammer, which term Susie used on me recently kind of surprised me. It was not my intention with her, nor is it my intention with you. Please forgive me for offending you.

I hate lies. I hate abuse. I hate false doctrine.

I love people, and want to help them, and I've been out of TFI since Independence Day, 1974!

By the way, why is your response to attack me, instead of answering the questions?

I understand the time constraints; though. They affect me considerably, too.

I am FOR all current members and exmembers, as human beings--as persons in need of understanding, and help, and I pray for them regularly. I want to help them.

If it is obvious, and it is to me, that these people are using a false "godliness" to make a living off of the unsuspecting, and that they are using the writings of David Berg to do so, they should be brought to account.

If the adults in the 12-member family are aware of the fact that they are pretending that "Mo' Quotes" are somthing Mother Eve wrote herself, then it's still the problem of making merchandise of the underage in their family, as well as of everyone who supports them financially.

If the are tithing to WS, then they are complicit with EVERYTHING Zerby and her bunch of male and female "bee-atches" (as Acheick once called them) are stil practicing and teaching. That's conspiract to commit fraud, and it's against the law; worldwide.

You seem very well-intended. However, I was shocked at your approval of these people and their methods, which are quite obvious, on the website. That's all. Did you really check it out?

When I was banned for a month from ExFam, it was for disagreeing with WC over how Acheick was being abused and treated, in my opinion. And, yes, I've mellowed considerably since then.

I'm not the egotistical monster the other poster insinuated that I am, althoughI may have sounded like it a couple of times. In one context, I was saying that the IQ Berg boasted of was insignificant because of all his evil and perverse actions--"good brain, bad heart". The mention I made of IQ was in the context of saying that other capacities were far more important.

In another post, a woman named Carol made comments insinuating that I was not intelligent enough to converse with her about scientific or philosophical matters, and I went on, in a half-serious tongue-in-cheek manner, to tell her that, yes, I could match her intellectual acuity, and would she please continue to post, and exchange ideas with me; that's all.

Other mentions of IQ were in the context of not being a "Brainless Berg Bee-atch" anymore, but "re-gaining the brain" as a necessary part of post-cult recovery.

So, I welcome your responses, and I'm really not the big meanie O sometimes sound like.

I'll get off my soapbox now.

You can also contact me personally by email; really.

OldtimerToo (OT2)