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Re: Questions for Jojo

Posted by JoJo on May 28, 2005 at 10:37:51

In Reply to: Re: Questions for Jojo posted by Passing By on May 28, 2005 at 03:23:43:

Hey, that has not passed my by at all. One only has to be here for a few moments to see that point. I would also like to ask where I was defending and promoting Berg and the TFI? If saying that two people (Mr. Steven and Miss Adria) who used to be in the TFI, and who obviously are not still in the TFI seem to be following what they want to do, I don't see any problem in that. I feel most of the reaction so far has been for that reason.

How about you clear up a point for me? Is this site a non-Christian site? Does anyone who is actively being a Christian often come in for scorn and suspicion here?

Back to the "Star Singers". While I would not do what they are doing, I do have some empathy for what they are doing. I did look at three of their TV shows, and didn't find anywhere that they were promoting the TFI. Very much they were promotin the Bible. What's wrong with that? The story of Tommy is not a TFI only story. Most of the allegories that Berg used came from other Christian sources.

As for ME/JB, like I mentioned before, she has been a non factor in the TFI for over 20 years. Is never mentioned, and does not have any involvement or influence whatsoever. She can say whatever she likes, I for one couldn't care less.

I was in the TFI for a long time and can only say to someone like OT2 who left in 1974, unless you have actively been following things, you would probably not have a clue as to how things work anymore.

For example I saw a while back that someone was asking about the Macau farm. No one has lived there for about 12 years now. I was in Macau 2 years ago and went out to nearby there and saw where the farm was and it's all completely run down.

How about a few other questions? What do you all do for a living? How did you manage to get your life together after you left the TFI? I'm very much interested in this type of discussion myself.

Enuf said,

All the best,