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Re: Questions for Jojo

Posted by some thoughts on May 28, 2005 at 17:16:27

In Reply to: Re: Questions for Jojo posted by JoJo on May 28, 2005 at 00:14:54:

Let's see. ME/JB/JM from what I have heard continued her unusual arrangement with Mr. Steve and Ms. Adria. Ms. Miller, aka Mother Eve aka Jane Berg teaches how to raise functional children and talks about their devoted dad, oops did we forget the incest here folks?
Perhaps they have dropped full association to the family, but Ms. Miller/ M.E. wrote a letter calling Merry crazy regarding her abuse??? She wrote a letter at which supported the family and Maria without mention of the abuse Rick suffered?
Is it Christian to cover up your past and lead a ministry telling others how to have functional families when ones own was so screwed up? Unless of course in her brain she believes it wasn't screwed up, it was just..shall we say..'non-traditional'.
I have seen the photos at xfam, I believe with top family leadership and that included Jane M. naked to the waist with her granddaughter as well? Posing for Berg? That good ole daddy?
Ms. Adria and Mr. Steve, oh let me guess, their last name is not STAR? And Adria's first name was not Adria? And what was Mr. Steve's first name by birth?
They may be cut off in some ways, but still attached in some way or they wouldn't be writing BS like "Where's Daddy" or whatever the article was called. And they wouldn't be training their children from infancy to pose for the cameras and put on an eternal show with their lives, memorizing bible or NO BREAKFAST.
Sorry. It is sick even if they are no longer Family.