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Re: FFing the Mafia, fascist military, etc.

Posted by Anon on May 28, 2005 at 19:24:29

In Reply to: FFing the Mafia, fascist military, etc. posted by Oldtimer on May 28, 2005 at 18:38:53:

You write:
"Remember years ago when the FFing revolution was taking off in Tenerife and Berg said they were FFing the head of the Mafia for the islands?"

I don't remember that but really want to know what letter that was in. The reason being, I knew of (via the person who made connections)pre-FFing useage of mob people to get the ark over to Europe without paying any taxes.
That was word of mouth and I knew no specific names of people involved, only bible name of the person who made the arrangements. The reason I am asking you this is because I remember when a Time Magazine article came out that had Rachael's picture in it. It may have had a small stern photo too. The article was what we in the Family at the time (around 1975) would have considered "negative" because the reporter alluded to the family as possibly being connected to or suspected of being connected to the murder of someone that was found murdered, clothes folded beside the body and stabbed in the shape of a cross. I could be mixing up two stories here, but there was a definite suggestion that murder may have been something the Family participated in or had committed.
Later, Berg wrote a letter and he mentioned that Time magazine article and said it was a "good article". I remember that really shocked me at the time. Normally the Family would deny, whether true or not, anything that could be regarded as bad press. I think Berg liked being a 'godfather-like' figure. Whether there was any murder involvement or not, for Berg to respond this way made me wonder. How much into the godfather role did he get?
Some yrs before that I know that a woman was beaten up and her children kidnapped and taken to the family and hidden from her. She tried for years to locate them and get them back and I don't know that she ever did. I don't know if it was family or hired thugs, but she was beaten and they were taken away.
Within the family I remember seeing her picture in an internal newsletter listed as a graduate. Her name was "Sia" from Texas I believe.
Does anyone else remember this, or remember the Time magazine article?