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Re: The fall from Grace

Posted by Farmer on May 31, 2005 at 02:31:50

In Reply to: Re: The fall from Grace posted by Oldtimer on May 30, 2005 at 12:45:48:

I remember when half the women who were chosing new names chose "Mary" because Mary Magdalene supposedly had sex with Jesus, and half the men going thru breakings chose "John" because Jonathan was "a lover of David."

Sorry, did you ask all these men and women or is this just your assumption?? I highly doubt, that this was the motivation for many of them, who chose those particular names.It's true, what PD and others said, if you had the "wrong" name, then you had the chance sooner or later being given a talk, that that name was "out of it".
However, I must say, that I wonder a bit about those people, who chose some OT name...even for their children (which "sticks" to them, unless you go to the authorities & change it again later...big hassle)...& didn't even bother to look up the meaning of it...I don't know anyone
with the name Nabal, but that means fool...

Jacob, e.g. was not so much favoured later...because besides being linked to Hebrew heel (aqeb) it also can be linked to aqab = to betray...

So if some would have bothered to look first into the meaning of those names, they wouldn`t have needed to change it.I don't remember much of
naming the baby & can't be bothered with reading it, however I think one point was, to choose a name of some kind of religious "hero", who could be an example, you would want to follow & I think
Mary & John had enough virtues, who you can hold as an example. But beside this, there are several the one you have in mind is Mary Magdalene & I am not so sure, that all the TF-Marys had her in mind...this smells a bit to me to the setting up of one's owns statistics or version of happened even in the scientific don't worry...that stats were forged, to prove some point...let's not "provide stats", which have really no sound base.