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Posted by Anonymous on May 31, 2005 at 17:58:37

In Reply to: Does anyone remember... posted by Old as dirt on May 31, 2005 at 15:50:48:

There was a second 60 minutes done in 1972. The first one had been positive. At the first one the man who did the documentary brought some films of Israeli fighters and the family was very pro-Israeli with a mention of living kibbutz like and this was before Berg's disappointment with Israel and his dreams of making a pro-Israeli Christian Kibbutz in Israel were dashed.
In Israel he realized Israeli's did not allow proselytizing and then he saw them as devils. He definitely did not see it as being about preserving their culture.

After this point Berg rejected the common-at-the-time doctrine that Jewish people that converted to Christianity were more special than others. Also at the prior time Berg related to being Jewish from his mothers side. After the second sixty minutes, it was not to be long before he would be courting Islamic government heads. He had written an early letter about Ghadaffi, saying he had the impression that Ghadaffi would be the antichrist or next to him. There was however, no widely known info about his courting of the Arab leader until around 1973 when he began to write his pro "Godafi" letters.
Within the family during this time there were letters that were for different levels. Also some videos apparently. So there were different levels of awareness according to the level of trust you were allowed to experience.
Back in 72 in Essen Germany I was busted to babes status for different reasons as were many people. Part was because those that left the states were being investigated as to whether they had clearance or not. The other part was daring to ask my husband to hold the baby and be part of the childs life basically. For that I was severely dealt with, busted to babes status and not allowed to read anything that was not for the general public.

At the time of the second sixty minutes I remember being in Daytona Beach Fla. and about to deliver my first child there. We all sat before the TV expecting another pro-family sixty minutes. Instead, it was very different. People did speak of sexual abuse and misuse BUT it was denied by Faithy on air as "absolute filthy lies", if memory serves me right. I remember one woman that was on and she had left the family and was speaking something along these lines but don't remember specifics, whereas I remember the denials clearly.

The shepherds did damage control and processed it and of course mostly we believed it WAS lies because it was not commonly practiced. From my understanding, there was a commune in Burlington and sexual liberties were passed down to some top leaders. Many people left and got sick, don't know what with only heard about it via a letter,

I believe it was "Sin In The Camp"

and Berg was scapegoating leaders there for things that happened that came from him which they participated in. I met one person who came from there and she did not tell me exactly what happened but said that leaders were having sex with others. I think Berg accused them of using their liberty as an occasion to the flesh. May be in the letter "Sin In The Camp".

The way people where I was at processed this info. was that Berg could have more wives as the prophet and this was selah in the sense that it wasn't spoken of and the rare rumor disclosed that M and M for example were wives and had rings from him.
No lower rank and file did this to my knowledge, and to the contrary, at large, all were actually quite Victorian, even stricter when it came to anything sexual. People still did not date during this time and marriage or betroval were considered a lifetime monogamous union.

The songs in that time period of the family reflected this. An example would be a song about heaven where couples were named and talked about who would be in heaven, naming the couples. Also before people were betroved it was talked about as a lifetime situation as in united until death do you part sorta thing, well actually no, you'd be in heaven together after too. IN heaven: "There'd be Becky and Miguel.." and so and so with so and so, in song.