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Kid's "tea-time" with Mr. and Mrs. Jones...

Posted by Childcare overseer on June 01, 2005 at 08:55:27

In Reply to: Re: Japan Persecution Notices 2005 - New emails released! posted by news snoop on June 01, 2005 at 07:48:30:

*Okay everyone, here's how you can teach your children how to answer the media or snoopy outsiders:

(taken from the AHM's to be practiced with the Family's children)

Act It Out: Kids love acting and role play, so combine these into an activity.-Dress up as a visitor and take turns asking them different homeschooling/Family-life-related questions.

Teatime with Mr. and Mrs. Jones: Similar to above but with the tea table set nicely for afternoon tea/milk. As you have tea, the kids show and talk about their schooling with Mr. and Mrs. Jones.

QF@But if you donft go to school. Then you probably donft have any friends.

* Along with learning together with my brothers and sisters, I do my homeschooling program together with a few other friends, so I'm certainly not on my own.@

I make a lot of friends at the home-schoolersf gatherings (Family fellowships) that we frequently attend. I also exchange letters with them.

I make friends at the local activities and volunteer work that we participate in. I exchange letters with an old man that I met at a retirement home that we visited. (How nice, an "old man" wrote to her.)

We sing and dance at retirement homes, childrenfs facilities, and many other gatherings, and so I have many opportunities to talk with different people. Itfs really fun. (wow, this makes for some real good friends, huh?)