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Important discrepancy

Posted by Correction on June 01, 2005 at 20:57:05

In Reply to: Re: "Chronolog" was the name, posted by Old as dirt on June 01, 2005 at 11:46:36:

You said: " I think this is an important historic document because it shows that very early in the group's history it had a deceptive, two-faced nature of presenting itself as Christian missionaries while practising something more hedonistic. It also documents wife-swapping and group orgies as early as 1971."

When you say "it" had a deceptive two faced nature of presenting "itself" as Christian missionaries while practising something more hedonistic..wife swapping and group orgies as early as 1971.."

To be historically correct you would need to tell history as it actually was and not just string things together. Berg incested his daughters prior to even starting the family. But the vast majority of family members did not know this for many years into the history of the family.
Also the orgies, wife-swapping etc. which occurred as early as Berg started the group I suppose, were very secretive and it would be more correct to paint Berg as the duplicitous one. Most family members knew nothing at all about what Berg did via leadership as early as 1971. His teachings and trust in that arena of perversion was limited to a very few trusted people. Had he started out so blatant he never would have garnered the following he did or he would have had an altogether different following. There was a time in the early days when the COG adherent only knew one thing to be controversial, that people were cutting ties with their past except where it was useful to the group. That and the control of the milieu. Everyone entering or leaving the building or the ranch were monitored or on assignment. No one independently decided to do ANYTHING.

So it is GOOD that there is documentation about the nature of the beast prior to Berg's openly presenting FFing and the sexual revolution as doctrine to all levels of membership.

If history is told, it needs to be accurate or it is just a piece of fiction. The group as a whole or at large was definitely not out having "freewheeling sex" as early as 1971 or even aware that it occurred. Internally, Chronolog was denied and explained away as "filthy lies".
The Burlington Sin in the Camp thing was where it appears Berg attempted to start his revolution and it backfired. Apparently many he thought were ready for it LEFT.
I think it would behoove family historians to talk to people who were THERE. (Burlington) And to take polls or put out a questionaire to exers in general about their actual experience. I think you will find that at the level of the largest population, the lower rank and file of membership, this was unknown, not done and was not instituted at that time in history on a broad base.