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Re: Important discrepancy

Posted by Correction on June 02, 2005 at 12:26:53

In Reply to: Re: Important discrepancy posted by Old as dirt on June 02, 2005 at 09:13:08:

You say you were trained by someone who was at the Burlington commune of "Sin In The Camp" infamy. Also you vaguely reference that you suspect that the shepherdess where you joined in the early seventies used the sex doctrines to encourage you to join and stay.
Does that mean that in the early seventies the shepherdess did or did not use sex as in FFing to encourage you to join or stay?
Or was she flirtatious?
I am confused by your saying you "suspect" she used them. It would seem that either she did or she didn't.
I am glad that the historical viewpoint as you mentioned will show accurately what the family was like in the early days both behind the scenes and at most places within.
There were certainly some sexual overtones used, but my experience was more in a threatening manner towards me. For instance, early on, Berg threatened the women in the group that he would use a rod or make them have sex in front of him to see what was wrong with them.
Everyone's experience was different as far as what brought them into the family. Many were not Christian before joining.
So if flirting or even sex were a part of the package from adult to adult it would have seemed okay in that day and age (once FFing took off). What was not okay was the control that one person had over others lives via a system of tactics commonly used in domestic abuse and highly controlled and manipulative relationships.