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Re: Important discrepancy

Posted by Perry on June 02, 2005 at 14:27:19

In Reply to: Re: Important discrepancy posted by a thought on June 02, 2005 at 12:40:21:

I passed through Burlington for a few months when I was 17. Things were winding down there, but I'm sure some of the leaders still there were involved in that stuff.

I'll have to reread that Sin in the Camp letter and try to remember where I was when I first read it. It may have been long after the fact, given that I wouldn't have had access to the Leaders Only letters or the private lives of the leaders. Nevertheless, it seemed obvious that they had certain "privileges" that us non-leaders didn't have. Alcohol, eg, was one privilege that the rank and file only tasted at communions.

My experience back then was more in line with what "Correction" has been saying in this thread. When I was at Burlington towards the end of '73, extra-marital sex was still forbidden for the rank and file. I remember Paul and Terry getting married there. From what I recall, they were boy friend/girl friend at the time they joined, but couldn't live together until their union was sanctioned by leadership.

I remember lots of guys in that era who were horny as hell, desparate to find a mate. The first I remember of any sexual doctrine was when Charan (of Job) read Revolutionary Sex to everyone at Burlington. Up until then, I think a lot of people still thought even masturbation was a sin.