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My thoughts on "a-musement"

Posted by Grandpa's Ghost on June 02, 2005 at 17:09:21

In Reply to: I come here for the jokes posted by Acheick on June 02, 2005 at 15:27:18:

So you like the jokes? You like being amused? Like I've said before, "amusement" comes from the two Latin words, "a" and "musement" so a-musement means "away from thinking." That's what you're doing. Oh yes!

So you want to get away from thinking? Don't even think of it!! You're SUPPOSED to think. Yeah, yeah, I know I said that if you think, think, think that you'll sink, sink, sink, but need I point out that that doesn't mean you shouldn't think!! All it means is that you shouldn't think, think, think! See? Three "thinks" is too much thinking.

Thinking will definitely make you sink because you stink. The so-called intellectuals get together in "think tanks" blah blah blah. I bet they sink right to the bottom of the tank. That goes to show you just how absolutely stupid these so-called wise men are. Who the hell would be so stupid as to crawl inside a tank to think? I know I've gone inside a closet to pray, but thinking inside a fish tank? The world is so idiotic stupid!! Sometimes I just have to chuckle at how stupid they are.

Like I always said, "It's wise to simple!" Of course I also rebuked Maria for being a stupid simpleton, so I don't mean for you to be simple like Maria. What I mean is for you to be simple like me. Ha! But how simple am I? I'm a genius with an IQ of 186. My brain was as smart as Albert Einstein's. You heard that they pickled his brain with formeldahyde and kept it in a jar, didn't you? Well, I pickled my own brain with sherry! Ha! Oh well, didn't need my gray matter any more. Never did, come to think of it.

Now I'm here in the spirit world and "know also even as I am known." Of course, since God told me, "Depart from me, ye workers of iniquity, I never knew you," knowing as much as I myself am known doesn't necessarily mean I know a whole lot, if you follow my line of thinking. One thing I DO know is that the spirit world is a helluva lot hotter than I expected it to be. Reminds me of that song about Hotel California, this might be heaven or it might be hell.

Another thing I know is that it's so hot and I'm sweating so much that I have to take all my clothes off. You know the verse, be dressed in robes of righteousness so you won't be found naked? Well, I'm naked here. Some of my critics will say blah blah it's because Dad doesn't have a robe of righteousness. But I just say it's cause we're so liberated we don't need clothes. Whoopee! Running naked! You take your pick who you believe.

Well, enough of that. You want to be amused? Read my letter "Mokes!" Every joke worth telling is there!

Mad, sad, glad and very bad, Dad.