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Re: Important discrepancy

Posted by correction on June 02, 2005 at 17:11:12

In Reply to: Re: Important discrepancy posted by a thought on June 02, 2005 at 12:40:21:

Yes. That is my point. Most members did not know about what happened at Burlington until years later after leaving the family or after FFing started if that ever came up in conversation with someone that was there. The type of "sharing" or exploitation "Old As Dirt" is talking about was not commonplace in MOST of the family. Where it was common, was with select members, top leaders and any they chose to target and it was "selah" if it occurred in the early seventies.
I too read "Sin In The Camp" and don't remember the content but heard or remember something being said about leaders "using their liberty as an occasion to the flesh". I also remember one person that was also young in the family who was there and came through where I was she hinted at what had happened but knew that it was supposed to be secret. She was talking about people getting sick, getting lice, etc. and it was a bad situation for her. Leadership there were the scapegoats for what Berg might have instituted earlier had the press not been so bad. That is my thougts about it anyway.
I saw the Chronolog piece while in the family and remember it was expected to be a positive follow up piece on the family. Instead it was an expose and Faith said it was filthy lies. Within the family where I was the "backsliders" were referred to as "liars" and no questions were asked of course.
When you said you made that comment about prostitution to get airfare to Europe, and you were taken aside, that would have been the normal reaction at most places in the family.
I was in Scandinavia when FFing started on lower levels and I was not aware then that it had started but about the time the letters came out. Of course, it had. At first it was introduced as using flirting (Look of Love) as persuasion. At this time, looking back I realize it was introduced to chosen people and leadership to engage in as full sex. But it wasn't until about 75 or late 74 from what I recollect, that there was Law of Love etc. released.
Then women were encouraged to go to clubs and bars, etc and usually with others. Later for money's sake, imo, it broke down to women going out oftentimes alone and many joined escort services.
It is complex because people did experience different things and the whole picture is easier to see in hindsight with information garnered from multiple sources.