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I seem to recall

Posted by Alphabet Soup on June 03, 2005 at 11:03:55

In Reply to: Re: Anti-masturbation teachings posted by Perry on June 02, 2005 at 16:50:30:

The "Zees" founded "No Longer Children, which earned them Berg's curses that they die along with Vivian.

Around 1994 TF thought that if they could just get in a circle and hold hands with the FG's who felt they'd been treated "unlovingly," and get them to "repent" of the harm the bitter backsliders did to TF kids by badmouthing its leaders to the world, everyone would kiss and make up and they could get on with the business of legitimizing their racket cum religion [pun intended? dunno, ask sigs]. Thus was born the "ministry of reconciliation."

If my memory serves me right, around that same time, No Longer Children coincidentally ceased to exist -- but not before publishing in its newsletter a WS "open letter" that TF leaders try to pass off as one of TF's "apologies" (query why the group feels a vague, general and hypothetical apology from the group is effective when the "mistakes were made" by overzealous or misguided rogue members?).

So I don't know if the Zees were harassed into folding No Longer Children, or if they felt that it had accomplished its mission, or if they "repented" of their murmurings.