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Re: regarding special circumstances

Posted by a poster on June 05, 2005 at 17:21:10

In Reply to: regarding special circumstances posted by Monger on June 05, 2005 at 15:47:31:

TFI has always played double standards, by saying something officially to all rank and file, and then operating differently (with so many occasions) with top leadership.

One example: when all members were told about BANS in case of inter-home sharing, the Ambassador who came around directly from the Folks selected (confidentially) one "sister" from every home he went to and asked to "share" with her.

When this "sister" asked, but wait a minute, isn't this something that should not be done, he just scoffed at my naivete, very matter of fact. He said of course, since he traveled all the time, he'd have to practically be celibate? (This was not technically true because he could just express his libido with his traveling partner, who was a woman in leadership position, but you know how boring it must be to have sex only in prescribed ways)

It was a necessary exception.

TFI has always operated with rules and regulations for the rank and file, and necessary exceptions for whoever else they wanted to exempt. If you do not look at the organization keeping in mind the perennial double standard you will not be able to understand the modus operandi, and how that creates exception for just about every rule they purport to have for TFI at large.