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Let's set the record straight

Posted by Jot-n-Tittle on June 06, 2005 at 10:02:36

"The Family maintains that no-one has been convicted of any crime in relation to abuse within the organisation."

Berg was convicted in a civil suit filed by Una McMannus.

A French Family member was arrested and convicted within the last five years. I read the post of the article at Movingon, but I'm not able to find it again, as I think it appeared in the comments section and MO's search engine doesn't seem to do comments.

I vaguely remember reading about an Italian case where the Family member was convicted for child abuse. In this case, TFI excomm'd the person and claimed no responsibility.

I believe Philip Slown has a conviction from a civil case. For "San Diego County Department of Social Services (to conclude) that young children had been sexually and otherwise abused by Phillip Slown from 1986 to 1990", there should be a court record. DSS authorities don't generally make rulings of that nature, the courts do.

Aside from court cases involving abuse, a Family member associated with Berg & Zerby's retinue was arrested and convicted for identity fraud in Canada in 1990s.

Anyone interested in researching the details for an article at Xfamily? I get really sick of the lie from TFI spokesmen about no convictions.