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Re: here's some NEW research

Posted by Perry on June 08, 2005 at 17:21:24

In Reply to: here's some NEW research posted by lydia on June 08, 2005 at 14:07:50:

This is not new research, just note the date. I could cite you a lot more studies on the efficacy of cannabis.

You've got to be pretty naive if you think just because TV ads say it is dangerous, it is in fact dangerous. Messages like that are just propaganda in the failing War on Drugs. Ads like those are dangerous in themselves because they give kids the wrong message, and in the U.S. such ads have proven to be futile. Teenagers tune out those messages because they know all the fear mongering around cannabis just isn't true. Similarly with "just say no" and DARE programs. It's far better to be honest and give kids the facts about drugs so they can make informed choices.