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yeah right, I was stupid to do drugs

Posted by lydia on June 09, 2005 at 17:11:52

In Reply to: That's ridiculous posted by Jack on June 09, 2005 at 14:01:11:

And you know what, people like you are a horrible example to young people, bragging how you do drugs and get away with it.

So they go and do it and bam, they are addicted and their lives ruined, by following your "good" example.

Hey just think, if you head hadn't been filled with smoke, you would probably be a billionare by

If you don't realise by now, that it does effect you (it takes one month for it to leave your brain) then maybe you aren't as smart as you think.

And yes, I truly believe, I would have never joined if I hadn't been doing drugs.

But this does not mean I justify myself or make it right for joining or staying.

It was stupid. duh