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Queen Peter has a son and his name is Jon (from Movingon)

Posted by g on June 12, 2005 at 13:05:07

He is 28 years old, when he was two years old his father left him to go and live with David Berg. He does not consider his life in the Family a typical one, he is similar to Ricky in that he is the child of one of the Family’s main leaders. Like Ricky his parents had very high expectations of him, which he resented and feels now that it is natural for a child to resent these things. He didn’t see his Father much during his childhood and his Mother lived with him and as he says “close by” for most of his youth. He was brought up mostly by nannies. As a teenager he was shipped off to a number of Victor programs, he was in the Jumbo and Macao, he likes to describe these as “school type situations”. However he advises that children in similar camps going on outside the Family today should be rescued.

He particularly feels that the treatment in Macao was unnecessary and unjustified, he feels that at best the “experiment failed” he refrains from describing what it was at worst.

Jon says that the Family apologised to him for what they did to him and finds that forgiveness or pardoning the people responsible is the best way to deal with the situation.

Jon uses a mental process called “perceptual contrast” to put his youth growing up within the Family in context. He contrasts other situations such as growing up in the jungles of Africa, growing up in an abusive family (Jon does not define what abusive is), and growing up in a family where his parents showed no love whatsoever to his own upbringing in the Family. It makes him feel thankful for being born into the group when he thinks that there are millions who suffered more than him.
Jon also feels that he had loving parents throughout his childhood even if they weren’t there for him. Whilst feeling that ex-members are trying to take him for a fool with a short memory he emphasises that he knows they have a personal vendetta against him.

He has a message for those attacking his group and that message is that Family members are not hiding behind fake names or initials and they will not be washed away like the Tsunami.

Jon wants those people who have threatened to kill his father to apologise.