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Re: here's some NEW research

Posted by Rocky on June 13, 2005 at 05:38:54

In Reply to: Re: here's some NEW research posted by Perry on June 11, 2005 at 16:19:48:

The percentile THC contents of modern cultured pot are true. I have seen the lab studies both in enforcement offices, medical establishments and in court documents. In addition the city I live in is one that has a reputation for growing some of the worlds most potent pot. It is one of the whole area.s biggest cash crops. My points are not weak and I am not against legalization. Too much underground economy is leaving the country without legalization. I suppose I can agree there are some pharmacy based drugs that are not good. Others work fine. Every individual has tolerances for different compounds. Sometimes when i read your posts I think I am listening to some type of monitoring authority.

The riddle was a joke. The economy cannot afford non sleepers to be shut down. I also don't think I was "putting words in your mouth" so I am sorry if it sounded that way. I do not believe in having pot as a narcotic. It should be regulated and distributed by small buisness communities who have to conform to a set of standards for use and distribution.

Alcohol and related problems cause more damage that all other drugs combined. I am not all that interested in the political war on drugs as I have seen too many families ripped up by heavy drug use, trafficking and death by overdose during my work days. Opiates, speed and certain classes of chemical compounds are what we should focus on, not joe and suzy smoking a fatty out doors. Sincerely, Rocky