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Re: it's a fact

Posted by Yvonne on June 15, 2005 at 03:29:51

In Reply to: Re: it's a fact posted by Perry on June 14, 2005 at 21:05:11:

Hang on Perry, don't be selective in your memory - I also quoted the fact that the British Government has commissioned research into the medical use of cannabis and that it is showing positive results.

I think that might indicate that I'm not 'closed minded' entirely in this case. I also own my own prejudice - this I believe is now the third time I do so, and my prejudice was was reinforced the day before yesterday when I was at a meeting with all the senior members of staff in the organisation I work for. We heard a presentation on early interventions in Psychosis and the presenter talked about a project he had been working alongside, which instead of the 50 or so early cases that were expected to be found in the first year, they came across 150 and the majority involved the use of cannabis as a trigger.

I still feel [and don't believe that you would disagree?] That cannabis use can trigger psychosis in those susceptable.

I am not making sweeping statments that all use of cannabis is harmful, I'm not denying that my clinical experience leads me to a view point and I'm not denying your and others reality.

It may be cultural, but I think our language is missing something with each other. Because where I come from saying someone is flippant, derisive and condesending, whilst also being closed minded and wilfully ignorant is actually verging on being insulting. Perhaps it isn't where you come from?

Just because I expected you to have enough intelligence to understand what I meant when I said we're not rats - I was actually giving you the credit for being intelligent and not needing things to be spelt out in detail. Perry, I certainly don't take you for a fool.