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The story's riveting: SGs have seriously spilled the beans on Zerbytch

Posted by Jumpin' Jack Flash on June 21, 2005 at 20:36:02

In Reply to: Anyone read 'Rolling Stone'? posted by curious on June 21, 2005 at 18:28:12:

I've been reading the article just before coming online--got it right here in front of me--WOWZERS! This is a MUST read piece of documentation about TF's top leadership. I never realized how closely related some of the SGs at MO are to FGs at the rotten top.

For example:

"In the 1980s, girls as young as nine danced in see-through caftans and stripped for their leader as a camera rolled. One of those dancers was a dark-haired little girl known in the uclt as Armendria, who befriended Ricky as a teenager and re-connected with him toward the end of his life. Berg had sex with her when she was about thirteen.

"In a home on the outskirts of Manila, another sexual hurdle fell, one that, more than any other, would stoke Ricky's fury at Karen Zerby. It was there, around 1987, when Ricky was about twelve, that he had sexual intercourse with his mother. Davida Kelley, then eleven, lay on the bed next to them that day, having sexual contact with David Berg. Kelley, who is the daughter of Sara Davidito, recalls, "It shocked me, because as far as I knw (Zerby) wasn't having any sexual interaction with any of the children in the home up until that time." (The story is "a total lie," says Family spokeswoman Claire Borowik.)"

Wilkenson, Peter. 2005. "The Life & Death of the Chosen One," Rolling Stone, Issue 977/978 (June 30-July14), pp. 121.

Armendria is an interesting source of information. Read the article and decide for yourself whether you think she's credible and trustworthy. I see no motive for her or Davida to lie about what went on in the Zerby-Berg household. What do either of them have to gain if their stories are true? By contrast, what does Zerby or Borowik have to loose if their stories are true?

Brilliant strategy on the part of TFI leadership, btw, to put the Claire Borowik in charge of US public relations. There's nothing quite like the power of denial, and NO WAY a creepy bottom-feeder and child abuser like Borowik will ever come clean on her own under the dictates of her non-existent conscience.