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Re: Why I think Zerby did it at Berg's instigation

Posted by JJF on June 22, 2005 at 15:10:10

In Reply to: Why I think Zerby did it at Berg's instigation posted by Observer on June 22, 2005 at 12:57:30:

Good theorizing about Zerby's motives and the conditions that may have caused her to cross the line, but God Almighty, please allow me to rant a little about the moral depravity going on in that hell of family.

Put yourself in Ricky's place. One time with your mother at age 12? That's ALL??? 12-years-old is an extremely sensitive developmental stage. Just the thought of being in Ricky's place is enough to make me want to blow my brains out. It also makes me feel like I could easily smash Zerby's face with brass knuckles if I ever get a shot at it.

This story came from two places: Rick told Armendria about it, and Armendria told the RS reporter. Davida confirmed the story and added her thoughts about it. Armendria, who was also one of Berg's child "brides," reconnected with Ricky after he left. They were childhood friends and lovers. I feel certain he told her about the incest before he died.

All Borowik can say is "lies." Isn't that what Faithy said back in 1972 when publicity came out about Berg's sexual liberties? Isn't that what TFI always says when witnesses give public testimony about the group's leadership?

Imagine the feelings of shame Armendria & Davida had to overcome to publically discuss their childhood sexual intimacy with Berg & Ricky in a magazine article. What do they gain by telling such things? By revealing these ugly childhood experiences, they have to know they'll be labelled liars and villified.

They won't get any money for their trouble, their lives won't become any easier, and TFI will not come crashing down because the rank-and-file hear about these allegations against their queen. The majority of TFI members aren't going to believe that Rolling Stone's well-documented account of Zerby incesting her son is anything other than a Satanic attack on their faith and way of life. They've never believed the other stories about their leaders--such as Deborah's account of Berg's incest, or Merry's testimony in the UK case, or James Penn's revelations about life at the top. A few will believe this latest story of depravity at the top and leave, but the majority will go on in denial.

I get so angry when I think about some of the absolutely ignorant sh*t posted at, like the observation by one dim-wit that Ricky killed Angela for absolutely no reason. Or Peter & Karen's explanation that exmembers like Penn poisoned Rick's mind against his mother. Grrrr!

Davida & Aremendria both have got to know that telling Rick's story of incest isn't going to convince people who don't listen and don't want to know the truth about their queen. Their motives in telling the story have little to do with trying to destroy TFI. I think they simply want the world to understand the true source of the demons that disturbed and unhinged their brother, lover & friend.