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To WS staff who like to quote me in Peter's letters

Posted by Systemite on June 24, 2005 at 12:32:30

In Reply to: Don't miss more of Claire Borwicked's lies posted by Reposter on June 24, 2005 at 00:28:54:

I find it interesting how Claire sidesteps the key issue raised by the article, and that is the allegation that Karen Zerby incested her son. Given the allegations that Claire also put some time in on the mattress with little boys, her moral outrage is suspect.

I also find it interesting how TFI disciples fail to make a distinction between the vested interests of front-line missionaries associated with an organization whose name they are too embarrassed to pubically disclose and the vested interests that their maligned leadership has in preserving financial power over a tithing flock. For over 30 years, former members have made allegations, given court testimony, and sworn out affidavits about the pedophilia practiced by TFI's leadership. These detractors were all in a position to know what went on at the top. That's a heck of alot different people telling the very same lie over a very long time in many different places and under many different circumstances.

Have detractors consistently made this type of allegation for over 30 years about the head of the Mormon Church? L. Ron Hubbard? Sun Young Moon? Whatever else detractors have had to say about these NRM leaders that could also be said about Zerby & Berg, child rapist hasn't consistently been one of them.

Yet TFI disciples continue to interpret these unique defamatory revelations about their leadership as a personal attack on their work and way of life.

GET THIS: The world system of public opinion doesn't care if TFI disciples live a communal, parasitic existence in order to preach the gospel. The world system of public opinion doesn't care if consenting adults share with each other and maintain a fluid definition of marital commitment. The world system doesn't care if Family disciples communicate with the dead and hold regular spirit prayer trances. Those are issues of concern to Christians, not systemites.

What the world system cares about is a group of people who think their calling in life is to justify, defend, deny, and excuse criminal activity under the guise of religious freedom.

After 30 years of testimony that TFI's leadership are pedophiles, the world system of public opinion is convinced there is ample evidence that the allegation is credible. No one cares what TFI's PR people have to say about court cases in the early 90s or what TFI's paid academics have written at the request of leadership. It's all self-serving propoganda that fails to address the central allegation: David Berg and Karen Zerby are pedophiles.

If there is no truth whatsoever to the allegation that TFI's spiritual leaders are pedophiles, why hasn't Karen Zerby spoken up to defend herself or Berg in a public statement? Instead, she hides from the world system of public opinion behind the protestations of loyal disciples. She refuses to speak because there are too many survivors who can and will expose her the minute she surfaces in public.

She also hides because the minute she comes into public view, she faces a subpoena in a civil lawsuit and arrest on criminal charges. What sort of shepherd lets her sheep take the heat for allegations of which they have no civil responsibility or criminal liability? Did Jesus hide, or did he take the ultimate public stand of faith regarding the contradictory claims made about him?