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An Open Letter to Peter on Badly Kept Family Secrets

Posted by Folie a Deux on June 27, 2005 at 12:03:33

Family spin on Berg's pedophilic writings:
"He's just an iconoclast who liked to say crazy things."

(Quoted from Alberta Report/Western Report/1995-05-08/ By Peter Verburg; see:

Berg was a pedophile who practiced what he preached. Karen Zerby is also a pedophile who practiced what her spiritual leader preached. The list of exmembers who have gone of the record with first-hand knowledge of Berg's pedophilia:

Deborah Berg
Merry Berg
Ricky Rodriguez
Davida Kelley

Dear King Peter:

How many more former members do you think there out there like Amy, flying rather low on the radar? How many sweet little girls of 12 or 13 did Queen Maria turn over to Berg in some Third World country where (technically) they had the "right" of consent to King David's molestation and rape? Did Karen keep track of that end of the Family business?

Oops. Mistakes were made.

TFI leadership will never get this nasty cat back in the bag, and that means TFI will never gain the legitimacy you (Peter) so desperately want and need for the group to gain acceptance as a Christian missionary organization.

Even the Mormons, Moonies, and Scientologists are appalled by pedophilia, so "radical Christian NRM" isn't going to assure TFI its continued membership in the cult apologist club. Academics who blithely dismissed The Dito Book as evidence of pedophilia can't so easily dismiss the deeply disturbed adult Davidito grew up to become, or the growing list of witnesses giving public testimony and filing criminal affidavits. The crappy reasoning that works for TFI members ("devil apostates made Rick do it") won't work for the academic apologists who make a living off of legitimizing NRMs.

Tough lovingly yours,

Mene Tekel Upharsin