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More Badly Kept Family Secrets

Posted by Also the MLs on June 27, 2005 at 17:07:34

In Reply to: Re: An Open Letter to Peter on Badly Kept Family Secrets posted by Also Faithy on June 27, 2005 at 16:24:22:

Evidence that Berg practices what he preaches:

Berg: (4) IF YOU WANT TO START TEACHING THE COURSE, YOUíVE GOTTA TAKE THE TEST! (Sara [Davidito]: Yes! Oh Lord!) And those are the tests. I mean, the Lord doesnít let you teach it unless you can live it! Thatís why I never tried to be a saint, I knew I couldnít live it, so I never taught holiness or saintliness!óHa! I just teach sex & thatís something I know I can live! Ha! (Sara: What a calling, yes!) PTL!

Berg: (9) THE TROUBLE WITH PEOPLE, THEY HAVE SUCH A FUNNY IDEA OF WHATíS BAD! (Maria: yes!) Including a lot of good things that the Lord created to enjoy, like sex! XXX! (Sara: Hallelujah!) Mmm! Just lookiní at you girls I can hardly keep my hands off you! The Lord gave us that hunger when we see you to want to get ahold of you & love you & kiss you & fuck ya! PTL!óSo He could have lots more babies for his Kingdom!

(14) Come Davida, come Honey. You didnít get your loviní this morning. She likes to be here too. Donít stick your knee on it though, Honey, thatís pretty hard for it. I love you. You gotta get up like this. Iíll show you how the big girls do, see? They get up like this. Now is that good? Do you like that, huh? Sheís not sure if she likes it! Ha!

(15) OH SHEíS STAYING! SHE MUST LIKE IT! Howís that, huh? Give you a little ride. Feels good! Itís good exercise for me too! ILY! XXX! You smell so good! So pretty & so sexy! TYL! Hallelujah!

Read the entire letter in context: