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Can someone look this up or tell me how to?

Posted by help wanted on June 28, 2005 at 22:28:44

I was trying to determine if this 501(c)(3)charity is related to the family or not. They are soliciting cars via brochures at my mechanics office. If it is them I will get him to take them down. The org is:
Giving Heart of America, Inc.
Their brochure lists no names of people or churches that they are connected to. That in itself is a red flag to me. And it has this mission Statement:
"Giving Heart of America, a faith-based non-profit organization, is committed to serving people in need- the disadvantaged, the hungry, the homeless, and those without the means to satisfy their basic human needs. Our goal is the alleviation of poverty, disease, pain, distress, and suffering by providing food, clothing,and counseling directly to deserving individuals in Houston, Texas.
If you know how to find out who this is, I would appreciate it.