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I wrote to Rolling Stone Magazine

Posted by Acheick on June 29, 2005 at 13:41:06

I used my legal name and I wrote a rebuttal to Claire's pathetic response:

Dear Mr. Wilkinson (and the editors):

My name is "Acheick" and I wanted to comment on your recent article about Ricky Rodriguez, The Children of God, aka The Family International, and the death of Angela Smith. I just read the article last night and I couldn't put it down. I was a former member (you can read my story here: articles - art/exmem/mercy/mercys_story.html ) for nearly 20 years, I had 9 children in the group and left with all of them except one who stayed with my former husband and is still to this day an active member in the group. I have to say that your article, was so spot on. It was truly one of the most accurate reporting on the very secretive and elustive organization.

I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving these poor misplaced kids a chance to talk and receive some vindication for the grand experiment that was performed on them - the type of which Ricky thought impossible, that no one would listen, no one would believe him. I can attest that it is all true, every bit of it.

Of course, so many of the rank and file members will not want to admit to these things and probably have not seen as much as they would had they been closer to the top. The closer one gets to the top, the worse the abuse. Although, they certainly have all the David Berg letters to read which they chose to ignore or believe it is Godly in some sick, perverted way. Maria should come out into the open and answer to the allegations. If she doesn't, then she is hiding in fear and that can only mean that she is guilty.

I read what Borowick stated in her rebuttal to you. No where in your article do you claim to condone what Ricky did. This is typical of them, to try and put a guilt trip on you to get you to back down.

Thanks again and keep up the good reporting,

You all can write to them too - the more the better - here's their email addresses, compliments of Claire Borowitch:

General - ')
Will Dana (Managing Editor) -
James Kaminsky (Deputy Managing Editors) - Joe Levy (Deputy Managing Editors) -