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Entire Family leadership falls off roof!

Posted by Unca Gary on June 29, 2005 at 14:38:45

I thought I was wallowing alone in my mysery, falling off the roof, but just now I heard the news over the Family Grapevine that ALL Family leadershit was gathered for a high level summit. Sometime during the meeting someone got himself a prophesy that Jesus was about to return so they got all the bedsheets & wrapped themselves in them & climbed up on the roof together. Aparently they were all up on the roof of the temple of Dagon & one of the pillars gave way & down they all went.

The great news is that I now have a fulltime ministry while I'm laid up in bed of taking pictures of all the surtures & stitches of leadershit. Who woulda thunk I'd get such a lucky break?