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People who say they've left TF

Posted by Acheick on July 01, 2005 at 12:32:05

I think there needs to be an acid test. Like rose and Jay (Philip Sloan) saying they've left TF. Rose was a died in the wool loyalist and would never think of such a thing. And how about Angela Smith? After years of robotic loyalist and still with contacts to Maria herself, she's suddenly not a F. member? I don't know - it reminds me of the Barzali situation. Berg told him to leave TF for a time so he could get a job and go to court and get his children back. He actually did leave, but he never would have if Berg hadn't sent him away for a purpose. I'm wondering if the Rose and Jay situation is because TF felt he was a risk and told him to leave, but their hearts and minds are still with TF. People should be asked if they still believe in Berg's letters and/or writings and that Maria is a servant of God. I think that is the acid test to see if they have really left in heart and mind.