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Re: just read the article in People Mag

Posted by Farmer on July 10, 2005 at 00:10:20

In Reply to: just read the article in People Mag posted by Acheick on July 09, 2005 at 15:47:42:

They are hiding from the truth to protect their little world. Mama Maria clones, everyone of them. They lie to themselves and each other. Everybody else knows they are lying.

(by the way, haven't read the article!)

Yes, and they're lying to protect their world, they love so much, willing to do some "little crimes" here and there, since the outside world is so bad, it doesn't matter, to do them some harm, in order to do more "good" in some other parts of the world...but you know, here & there the Mafia also gives some "donations" ; )

What to do with people, who are perfectly deluded?They see it, as they want to see it.You know these amazing optical delusions.Pictures, who show 2 different objects, depending how you look at them.I love'm, as they're such a perfect illustration of what can happen to one's perception.For them the only way is up and out of the "system" (although with their dirty sex
practices they're pretty bad "systemites", worse than many or even some of'm...let's shove that into their face!!!), so their behaviour is compulsary, as we know by own experience.