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They are

Posted by Passing By on July 11, 2005 at 18:15:56

In Reply to: I WS should be thinking about how to do damage control on so many lies posted by Foster Mom from Hell on July 11, 2005 at 11:32:17:

TFI is not going to ever "come clean" but will rather do as many other movements have done. They will wait out and continue rewriting history.

As an example look at the newer generations who are claiming that none of the abuses ever happened. While even the previous generation admits to a few, the new ones deny it. Eventually, the newer generations will tell it anew.

Sorry to rain on the parade of wishes and hopes but that is human nature. Folks, unless something big happens to mark history, something historic as what poor Ricky did, all of these discussions and postures will vanish into nothing. Not because they are not good or unworthy but because in TFI what has value is what goes on inside.

Only a revolution from the inside will accomplish the feat of chaning much - but change to what?

Even those who are not in TFI now are divided as to what really happened. Many are still okay with TFI teachings, supporting half-truths, pasively accepting what they learned in TFI. After all, they were born into it.

I am not placing blame, simply stating that in spite of all we are doing destroying TFI will never happen because they are a close secret society. Because their teachings are inside of their young. Because of their young don't know how contaminated is what they 'know'.

I am saying this not to cause pain on anybody but to advance an idea. The idea that what we need is to point out those contaminating doctrines, and stay on that course.

It is the doctrines what are wrong. It is those teachings what cause people to do evil things.

I am not saying that people are not evil, that people who have done those evil things should not penalized. On the contrary, they should be sought and denounced.

But what needs to be documented as evil is not just the people but the doctrines that make them that way.