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Re: not quite

Posted by Not Important on July 12, 2005 at 09:46:02

In Reply to: not quite posted by porceleindoll on July 12, 2005 at 05:56:09:

I hope you're right about the Family's slow death over the next 10 years. I'd gotten the impression that Mama Mosquito & Pooper had figured out some ways to slow down the bleeding. Rick's tragic demise no doubt prompted a few more departures in 2005 than MM&P were expecting.

However, if a reasonable number of SGs remain and raise two children each, the group may stabilize at a few thousand over the next 10 years. "Reasonable number" is a key concept. Keeping enough breeding stock to maintain the group depends to a degree on the ability to attract new members. I realize TFI is extremely incestuous, but that's precisely what will do it in on the fourth generation if new members don't join in sufficient numbers. TFI isn't set up to take care of people with genetically-related disabilities. Maybe they'll go back to FFing to get the necessary genetic stock... (Bizaare thought, eh?)

The top leadership message has been "work, work, work--we're so busy with important work." It's like they're in denial and avoiding critical organizational management issues.

Who's being groomed to replace Mama Mosquito? Surely there's some strapping SG buck servicing the queen and lining up to take over the Kingdom?