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When cults cross criminal lines

Posted by some thoughts on July 16, 2005 at 10:47:39

I was thinking about destructive groups and how some are freaky and not what I would want anyone to be in. I would hope education, prevention, would be available to youth to avoid them getting drawn into one.

Some cults just seem to go on and on. No doubt that even if M and P were put in prison there would continue to be a following on the outside but the cult as a whole would be greatly weakened. I think of Charles Manson.

He still has a following, but weak and ineffectual and the horrors of what he did, crossing the line into serious criminal actions, caused many to leave and he and his most ardent followers are in prison for life.

"The Savage Messiah" from Canada, Roc Thierrault, still has women that follow him and that he has conjugal visits with which means his loyal few are still producing offspring and are following him. But his group overall has largely disbanded and many of the women are successfully rehabilitated from their severely abused past.

TFI is not simply a destructive cult that is freaky. It is a criminal cult. If top leaders were to be arrested and put away it would certainly cause the ranks to dwindle and only the sickest would hang on to it. I hope that happens.

I am glad the media are exposing and continuing to expose TFI for what it was AND what it is. One thing Berg was obsessed with was security. So much so that it makes it very hard to catch anyone.

I think the best offense is to have a successful life which may take lots of help. People getting out and getting on with their lives and telling about the true hardships and breakthroughs in life. Like getting education, keeping a family together without the family and getting your kids properly educated and writing about what they have now that they would not have were they to still be in the family.

The family touts as one of its biggest plusses, the fact that their youth get to have an exciting life travelling to many countries and cultures, but the cult is a closed incestuous culture and wherever it is located it is separated by family doctrine from the cultures and community around it. Also there is no regularity in movement.

I remember how empty it felt to be an automaton witnessing bizarre doctrine and always living on the edge. At some point in time and with children being born this gets old and tired. Also, it has been found to be destructive to children to not allow them physical roots in their culture. Even the gypsies and nomadic groups of people have regular circuits they go to which gives them a sense of security, regularity and familiarity.

The Lapps/Sammi are a Scandinavian nomadic tribe that herd reindeer and they have seasonal routes: They move with the herd. They may be isolated in some instances in their culture but they are not criminal and have regularity and education. Also, there are resources galore for anyone wanting to leave that lifestyle provided by the Swedish government.

It is criminal to teach minor children the LJR. It is prosecutable in many states if not all. Sexual abuse is no longer limited to intercourse or penetration with objects. The LJR teaching itself is CRIMINAL when taught to children.

I think it would be great if some residential programs could be started for survivors of highly controlled and destructive groups/cults that could be funded by the government. There has to be a way to get the grants together for things like this.

There are thousands of drug rehabs which are state funded.