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Ah, yes...We are amused

Posted by Mosquito Queen on July 22, 2005 at 11:01:25

In Reply to: W.U.S.S. /corrected version 1.B posted by GCM: My Story and Lessons on July 21, 2005 at 18:21:54:

"Number One: Run, hide, and remember important note to self: gotta keep moving."

Well done, my little champion of gypsy moths!

"Two: Change name as well as flunkies and followers names at will."

Ah, yes. You see how I have morphed into the Mosquito Queen, don't you?

"Three: As a hireling shepherd living on the earnings of others, always remember to keep those others on the defensive by calling Ďthemí hirelings if they donít get with the program."

Dad always said, "There's no defense like a good offense." A well-known trick of alcoholics is to always keep your co-dependents off balance.

"Four: Ah, programs!! The dearest thing to a W.U.S.S. is a multiplicity of Programs, campaigns, seminars, pushes, revolutions, anything out of your magic hat or up your sleeve to keep flunkies and followers off balance and occupied and more importantly, under your control."

Busy bees exist to keep the Queen Bee alive and well. It's natural law.

"Five: Favorite and Top campaign naturally is to use your own celebrity within the cult, even to the degree of inflicting injury to personal organs (itís kind of like pretending to be a bulimic teenage girlóeatópuke---eatópuke, in order to get attention; put your feminine spiritual vagina side of your personality to work for you): or you can, for instance: Break a leg, induce your own mental breakdown, and then take weeks off and go to bed in self-inflicted, self-thwarting pain to continually draw attention away from real and practical issues and unto your own self-perceived true grit and self-importance in Godís eyes, and more importantly, within the cultís eyes"

You do me so much honor, my brave dung beetle, that I'm blushing with faux humility. Dad always said, "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery."

"Six: The 6th and final W.U.S.S. lesson to inculcate into yourself and your flunkies is to always, I mean ALWAYS deny that you are in the FAMILY or a cult. Keep that delusional faÁade up and powered by writing blogs using normal conversational tones and/or with the tenor and jargon of teenagers and rappers, you could even try Gothic, anything, anything is preferable to saying that you are in the FAMILY."

Let's just say I'm willing to let you pioneer an exciting new ministry as long as the cash flow is reliable.

"Seven: Iíll have to add one more important tip: Always deny that you practice within your cult compound anything that you in fact preach. Your explorations of, for example: incest, child-sex, adultery, promiscuity, groping and fondling young teenagers etc, etc, should always be denied. Remember what you do is more important than what you preach."

Ummm....You haven't quite gotten the victory on this one and will receive no higher entitlement from your Mosquito Queen than "Lowly Inch-Worm of the Keys." Dad always taught that "What you SAY you are is more important than what you do or what you preach."