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Search Functions

Posted by Webmaster on July 24, 2005 at 09:46:22

Our site's search funtions were not working for a while due to upgrades and server changes. I've fixed them up now.

Using the "(Re)search" tab on the top menu, and clicking on "Site Search Engine", you can now search through selected parts of the site (like the boards, archives, pubs) or even the entire site; using single or multiple words, or phrases. The results should usually come in under 1 second.

Complex searches where you use many search words, and where the results might end up being 1000s of hits, will of course take a bit longer, but most of these usually take about 2 seconds anyway.

When I have time next week, I'll put together separate search functions just for the pub section, and the boards, etc.

Also, if you search through the pubs now, the results may show "Title Unknown" for a few pubs. I will be fixing these next week as well.