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Practical approach

Posted by Jo on August 02, 2005 at 12:43:51

In Reply to: Are you listening WS readers? posted by Alarmed on August 02, 2005 at 09:28:39:

It may be that those who post angrily at MO do not want anything to do with ex-members as it is a reminder of abuses experienced growing up in the destructive cult.
What I would hope for is that someone from that community, should they choose to, would write a post which would express what specific kinds of support are being sought and how they would (or would not) like the ex-member community to help.
At the same time I realize many members that are exer are struggling right now to make ends meet, while others may have more of a varied source of resources.
What I am thinking is that the majority of ex-members that frequent this site are people who would like to be supportive and are not people that are specifically linked to abusers being specifically sought.
That being said, is there a survivor who was born in the family and now out who would like to present a list of ways ex-members can help? I can seek resources via computer and make calls to check availability for shelter, treatment, which may or may not help but would love to do that. I am limited in what I can do but that is an area where I can be helpful.
Maybe listing where funds can be sent to Safe Passage or other venues of help realizing limits to what help can be given, not because of unwillingness but actual lack of resources.
I think most everyone wants to be helpful. It would be erroneous to suggest that the majority of posters at exer sites could walk up to FBI officials and turn themselves in for crimes they did not commit or which are not prosecutable.
Perps tend to hide out and not come to boards asking how they can help.
So how can we help? And this is to any survivor born into the group, not to a spokesperson in particular.