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Re: Important questions about the Bible Album

Posted by Historian on August 04, 2005 at 09:55:27

In Reply to: Important questions about the Bible Album posted by Researcher on August 03, 2005 at 04:46:22:

Why was MWM able to use the Jeanne Manson (hired sessionist? co-writer?) recording of "There Is Born A Child" with impunity if there was a dispute?

Not sure if will help answer your question but this may be relevant:

"Jeane Manson, whom you've met through a feature article in the NNN several months ago, has volunteered to help record our first Spanish record with us. She is not only a smash hit in France but just had a number-one record in Spain and is very well known and popular here. The band will most likely be living in Madrid where they have been offered the free use of a beautiful, large villa just outside of the city...

"Damn the way we used to do it! How do we do it now?" (251:33) God loves to do things contrary to natural expectation and lately, for the Paris SHow group, His way up has been down! Travelling with Jeane Manson as her band, they have been able to witness to all of the top people in French show business and are having a greater effect than ever before! Jean is both saved and filled with the Holy Spirit and virtually a full-time disciple!"

Source: S.E.A.A.P.M. Newsletter No. 2 By Silas and Endureth. Illustrated by Jacob Sailor. August 1977. page 3.