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Sexual Abuse is a Form of Violence too

Posted by Survivor for Life on August 04, 2005 at 17:38:41

In Reply to: Re: You know it's a good cult to raise kids in when this is how they t posted by Former CPS Worker on August 04, 2005 at 11:02:56:

In that same Wikipedia discussion, one of the Family posters notes, in emphasizing that Ricky committed a violent murder, that he was "skilled in the martial arts" and Sue was half his size.

Apparently it does not matter to them how many times his size were the adults who fellated him as a toddler -- quite a bit more than twice his size, according to the photos, which they published -- or the size differential that persisted, though narrowing in margin, as he grew up.

Apparently it does not matter to them that those same adults were "skilled" in terms of life experience while he was but a baby, but they kept him in a fishbowl as he grew up.

I do not agree at all with Ricky's final actions. I understand, however, the overwhelming frustration at a smug, self-righteous cult that does not grasp the violent nature of their own acts on children.

The power exerted to keep Ricky's body in obedience and his mind and spirit within the electric fences of the cult's core was total. The iron fist may have worn a velours glove, but it bruised no less for it.

I will work, probably as long as I breathe, to stop the cycle of violence, whether it be that which the cult does recognize as violence (i.e., Ricky's using the muscle and firepower he eventually acquired to do an act that to him signified revenge) and wrong, or that which the cult perpetrated when they violated us, but considers something that we can forget and pretend did not happen, and which they seem to have no capacity to acknowledge as violent and wrong, much less have it in their hearts to feel for those of us who endured it, a glimmer of the indignation that such violative acts merit or of opprobrium toward the perpetrators.

Peter Amsterdam, if you are listening, something that your spokespersons on wikipedia etc. would be smart to do, is to recognize the violent nature of the child abuse that your cult perpetrated on its older children, as well as the EXTREME violence of their denials and attempts to reverse the burden of guilt onto the survivors. Right now they only see Ricky's final act in response as violent. You're not going to get anywhere at this rate, at least not anywhere good.

The current Family posters on wikipedia seem oblivious to having learned any of the lessons of 2005. Of course what Ricky did was a crime, brutal, and wrong, but what his mother and some of her followers did to his peers is bad enough that they took the tone they did. You see, there are some people who are actually horrified at child abuse. And I am not talking about Maria's 1988 commands which curiously repeat how "not necessary" it is for adults to have sex with children.

Family wikinazis, as a terribly abused survivor, I am here to clue you in that if you truly want to walk the road to peace, your current denials or minimizations belie that. They are enraging and provoking. If something else happens, your own words will, when juxtaposed with the testimony that we bear (which you call variously a "crime" of false reporting, "false witness," or "atrocity"), will undermine your most strenuous protestations.