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Re: Some context of CSA investigation

Posted by What really counts on August 05, 2005 at 20:38:03

In Reply to: Re: Some context of CSA investigation posted by Yes...but.. on August 05, 2005 at 19:03:46:

What really counts is that anyone that has been in the family for any length of time or is currently in for any length of time KNOWS that child sexual abuse occurred and was initiated from Berg and Maria at the top of the cult and was encouraged and in many cases coerced upon adult members AND in many other cases willingly and wholeheartedly engaged in by adult members throughout the highly destructive cult.

Also, anyone who has ever been or is currently in the Family knows that it is standard to have practices hidden- (has been since the beginning)or at least attempt to- from the general public and people loosely associated to the group. Some of these are practices that are illegal like child molestation in the name of Jesus and the LJR graphic content for older teens and sexualized content with cleaned up words for younger teens. Oh..but don't talk about this with outsiders..they won't understand.

TFI P.R. machine can spin until it is blue in its face BUT there are too many leaks and Maria and her security squad can't put fingers in all the dikes.

It is amazing to me how people can outright minimize and lie about things so blatantly OBVIOUS such as Sue lying down with "Davidito" not being proof that she had been one of his molesters. He had many molesters. If you were in Berg's family core for any length of time you would not obtain that position without knowing about or engaging in child sexual abuse. Some not even mentioned who left long ago. Like "Lucy".

BERG and MARIA pushed prostitution doctrines and child molestation doctrines and did it all in the name of Jesus. The family's letters here, some of the surviving copies of purged lit, are proof.

So lie all you want. MOLESTERS WERE MANY. Children molested WERE MANY. IT was family doctrine and still is in other ways with the family's creepy LJR doctrine at the least.

Sooner or later the family will not be able to out-step the law. Hopefully SOONER.