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a Grain of Salt

Posted by Caution on August 07, 2005 at 20:18:30

In Reply to: Re: Some context of CSA investigation posted by Yes...but.. on August 05, 2005 at 19:03:46:

I recall how just this January, a big "to do" was being made about Angela Smith not being a member at the time of her death.

There is a LOT of room for fast & loose semantics in the post (apparently by a current Family member), and I would not definitively conclude what we are being asked to conclude without further research. The corruption of minors case could have a link to The Family that we would not get information on TF.

Former CPS worker, when you have been around long enough, you start to hear of all kinds of incidents that TF covered up. I have just heard so much sophistry from the Family along the lines of "we renounce certain writings that should not have been written." Not to mention the bald lies without even an attempt at semantic muddying of the waters.


" Family member was convicted of corruption of minors in that case. The person you may be referring to was a certain Paolo Savy who was not, nor ever had been a member of TF nor was he a party in the raids that took place in ‘93. [...]

Paolo Savy’s case proceeded to court, but the charges he faced were unrelated to the raids and subsequent Aix-en-Provence Family case, and final dismissal of charges against all Family members."