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Re: What is & is not abuse

Posted by Farmer on August 08, 2005 at 18:31:25

In Reply to: What is & is not abuse posted by Observer on August 08, 2005 at 14:00:16:

Too bad Joe H or other gifted persons like him are not posting here...but I think your observations are very important & I think it's maybe a problem, tendency, in society at large: the inflationary use of words...they become hip or a hype, whatever.A lot is also in semantics.If you don't use something correctly, then it could also mean abuse=misuse...& how far does verbal abuse go?? May be the term/meaning is more bendable/flexible, than we're prone to think, because we created, were part & subject in an abusive cult.May be we tend to think: hey, wait a minute, that's not abuse at all.

In German it's also a bit complex, cause sexual abuse is called "sexueller Missbrauch", however you could also misuse some pharmaceuticals/tablets and that is: Tablettenmissbrauch...that way you can combine a lot: abuse of freedom, you'd say also in English??..that term is common in German.