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Irf'er's on the other hand

Posted by IRF'ers on August 10, 2005 at 00:57:17

In Reply to: Re: irf - PS posted by Thorwald on August 09, 2005 at 23:06:51:

IRFer's were people who decided to take Berg up on his "choices" presented for members in that those who chose to at a certain point in the family could send in a report with a 10% donation or minimum money amount in order to still receive some classifications of letters. I may be wrong but I believe they would receive DFO and GP letters, Newsletters etc. But not DO letters.

It was a level instituted at a time when many family homes had been raided on an international basis and Berg wanted people to go visit home if they could ("system" relatives or "Egypt")for a few weeks and to prove we were not captives or whatever, and then they could choose to come back full time or become a part-timer, or worker who tithed or sent money.

What happened around that time, was a sizeable number of people decided to opt for IRFer status and get jobs, just send in money and get limited lit. Not long afterwards was when IRFer's Beware was written which was a clear message that "choosing" the wrong "option" could result in death.

I remember being in the family and reading that, seeing that horrible picture. That picture is what stuck in my mind with the message that it happened because she chose to be 10% when she should have been 110%.