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Re: James aka Jotham

Posted by Just a girl on August 10, 2005 at 19:26:13

In Reply to: Re: James aka Jotham posted by susie on August 10, 2005 at 18:50:50:

She's 15-- my niece by marriage. Her condition is relatively mild. My husband's father had schizophrenia, so this would be the old man's grandchild. Grandpa was no dummy--he was an aeronautics engineer before his death from electro-shock treatments at age 28. The autism spectrum (as well as schizophrenia, which is related) runs in my husband's family--he has a nephew (through his older sister) who is autistic. A great-great-great-etc. ancester (Henry Cavendish) displayed behavior consistent with the autism spectrum disorders. Henry Cavendish is a famous 18th century chemist & physicist who discovered hydrogen.