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Posted by in early COG history on August 11, 2005 at 17:29:17

In Reply to: Thank you posted by Researcher on August 11, 2005 at 05:41:09:

In early COG history Eman was called "Bart" and a quote from "The Art of O" (or something like that) Mo letter said "Even skinny little Bart has his plump shad Roe". In the early days his name was Bart and he was with a large woman named "Rahab". Also in that letter Berg said he would rather have 200 lbs. of curves than 100 lbs of nerves, which after he stressed weight control more, which he did from early days, after FFing stated that letter was amended to say 120 lbs of curves rather than 100 lbs of nerves.
I knew "Bart" later to become "Eman Artist" in Essen Germany which was a European headquarters in the very early seventies. There was a nursery that had some partitioned off cubicle like rooms. Some areas like the main nursery area and the kitchen had low partitions that were well off the floor but not over ones head (adults head.) One night I woke up to seeing Bart, in the middle of the night, walking on one of these partitions, up in the air, like a tightrope walker. He was never "all there".