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Something good I learned in the Family

Posted by Zubba on August 12, 2005 at 16:21:38

I'm really scraping the bottom of the rainbarrel to think of something positive here, but this is a good one. And since the "brother" who told me this didn't learn it from the MLs, but probably learned it on his own, I'm sharing it.

How to kill flies.

When they've landed and you got that flyswatter or rolled-up newspaper aimed by them and they crouch down, you know they're ready to launch. But how do they get away so often? I will now tell you the secret:

The trick is to know that flies always launch themselves into the air backwards. So what you do is aim BEHIND them and you'll nail them. Of course, if you're slow you still won't get them, but under normal circumstances with normal hand-eye coordination, watch your fly-killing stats jump phenomenally.

How come Mo used to brag that he taught us "everything" yet he never even taught us how to kill flies?