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New wine from the caves of Zerby

Posted by news snoop on August 12, 2005 at 19:34:31

Posted by Sir Rantalot on the Moving On site:

The Persecution Confirmation

Table of Contents
• Are we undergoing persecution for righteousness' sake?
• I was perfect, without sin, and they still crucified Me
• What's the Devil hitting at?
GN 1144 FD/MM/FM
By Maria FD/MM/FM 3556 4/05

14. Of course, the Family has made mistakes and you cannot pretend to be blameless. There will always be ammunition that someone can use against you, because you're not perfect. But it isn't for those sins that the Enemy is picking on you. It's because of all the good. It's because of all the righteousness and love for Me, and it's because of all of the other sinners that you've plucked out of his hand and rescued for My sake that he wants to destroy you. He'll use whatever he can get to try to bring you down.

16. (Comment:) Reading this long list of accusations makes me feel like a criminal, even though I know we're not guilty of these things.

19. It's good for you to hear these accusations and to get used to them. If you feel guilty or intimidated when you hear these accusations against you, then something is wrong. You must strengthen your faith, study up a bit, and get the facts straight in your mind and heart, so that you are prepared for the day when these things will be screamed in your face, posted on your door, and you will still need to stand up as My shining witnesses despite it all. (End of message.)

20. Your past persecutions should show you that it's not any one sin of yours—whether true or untrue—that you are continually persecuted for, but rather that you can't win with the System, and there is no way you can ever conform and be completely accepted by them as long as you continue to be the revolutionaries that I have called you to be. If you're not accused of one thing or persecuted for it‚ it will always be another. If there's not something you've actually done that they can use against you, your enemies will make something up. If they persecuted Me, they will also persecute you.

21. The hard fact is that although mistakes were made that can give your detractors excuses and seemingly valid reasons for speaking evil of your good, if it weren't for the fact that you're actually doing so much good and so much right, the Enemy would let your mistakes slide. The Devil doesn't care about your mistakes. He doesn't care if people get hurt. He doesn't care about the times people acted out of My will and outside the boundaries of My Law of Love. He was in fact the instigator of most of those mistakes or sins, and he plans to use them against you. The Enemy does not care as much about rectifying individual injustices, unless it would hinder My greater work in some way. He cares more about stopping the Family as a whole.

24. That doesn't mean the Family is perfect or hasn't made some mistakes in the past, but it does mean that your few sins and errors don't add up to the wave of hate and demonic power arrayed against you. I'm on your side, and Satan is on the other side. That is a fact. The Devil is trying to wipe you out because he hates you—because you love Me and you give your lives for Me.

29. Consider something for a moment: Even if all the lies spread around about the Family were true, what would you do then? If you swallowed every bit of filth and crap that the Enemy is trying to cram down your throat, what would be your next move? What the Enemy wants is for you to leave the Family‚ lay down your crown of loving service to others, and feel guilty for the rest of your life, while not doing any good for anyone.
30. But the fact of the matter is, even if you were as bad as they say you are—which you are not—the best thing to do would be to give your life in loving service to others, and spend the rest of your life spreading My love, helping others, and living unselfishly.—Which is exactly what you're already doing.

31. You're not horrible people. You're My brides and My prophets. Yes, you are sinners‚ and yes, you have often come short of My glory and My standard of perfect love‚ but the answer is not to abandon your place and go out and wallow in the filth of the System.

41. So many of these doctrines that cause the masses to look down upon you or fear you because you're so "different" or "strange" are in fact My answer to your prayers that I will keep you free from the pitfalls and snares that have quenched the fires of so many other revolutions. I am preserving you as a revolution by calling you out and making you separate from the world through the radical doctrines that they will never accept. Some day you will know that it couldn't have been any other way. Some day you will see the wisdom of My plan.

45. Even if you'd never produced controversial publications or your art had never been sexy and radical, Satan and the Vandari would have found something else to persecute you for‚ because you are Mine. Satan hates you.

52. Satan wants you to no longer be a threat to his kingdom. Satan wants you to be cold, dead, and lifeless like the established church system. As long as you are a part of this army you can expect persecution and need to learn to revel in it.

54. You are destined to be winners! You are My secret weapons! You are feared in the private councils of the antichrists of this Earth‚ because you have the potential to defeat their plans completely. The Enemy is so afraid of you that he is desperately seeking for ways to cool you off and minimize the threat you pose to his kingdom.

59. Expect persecution; it's part of the Christian life. The cooled-off sectors of organized Christian religion may not be getting it today, but one day, even their frigidity is going to glow as warmth before the sub-zero temperature of the Satanic kingdom that is coming. Even they will receive persecution. How much more should you receive it when you are the blazing hot fire that melts the ice palaces of the power of the Enemy!

60. He'll be the one who is running and terrified of you when you are fully energized with the power of the keys and loosed on this world.

63. Don't expect peace—it's not coming. What is coming is increasingly intense spiritual war, all-out relentless war against Satan and his forces. From here on out, there will be persecutions. I will give you breaks in between, but I'm letting you know now to expect persecution, and learn to praise Me through it, because it's coming, and you will face it till the end of time.