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Re: Happy birthday Perry!!!!

Posted by Farmer on August 13, 2005 at 13:11:51

In Reply to: Re: Happy birthday Perry!!!! posted by Perry on August 13, 2005 at 11:40:58:

sorry, if I got trapped through your genius way of disguising things...except for PD "untieing the sack" ; ) ...not so much spilling the beans or what better way of putting it (where's my dictionary?)...I guess, I'll be more careful now with the happy-birthday-greetings...although I believe it`s a very thoughtful & nice tool Jules implanted...
I can "fully" understand for some/many, to want more proofs...Thomas, from what I conclude, was
quite an energetic disciple/apostle & if he went to India & died as they say, then that has may
utmost respect.We all, I am convinced, have some "doubting gene"/aspect in our life, which becomes may be worse, if we have been fooled too many times...then the doubting is to our benefit, to protect ourselves, our own interests.

Agnostic means also as good as saying, I don't know...which is true for so many things in life anyway.As far as God is concerned, I "know" so much, that items, tools & whatnot have an inventor.Nature being so much more complicated I cannot imagine as being here "by accident", by some probility, worse than anything we could win in a lottery or whatnot, plus it wouldn't explain where the atoms/the parts/energy come from.I may not fully understand the inventors will, but by erring & having erred, it kind of confirms(checking also with the book), what directions to "by approximation...