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Found out some more about the Bible Album

Posted by Researcher on August 19, 2005 at 11:13:58

Manufactured and marketed by:
Polydor Incorporated
810 Seventh Ave,
New York, NY 10019

IDistributed by:
Polygram Distribution Incorporated.

Album title:
The Bible, A Rock Testament

Album registration no.:

Family of Love
Arranged and produced by Paul Buckmaster; Martyn Ford; Nick Harrison

Recorded by:
Martyn Ford Orchestra

Richard Studt
Gavyn Wright

Exec Producer:
Andre Djaoul

Melodieu Music B.V.
(Companies in The Netherlands use "B.V." for Besloten Vennootschap, which is equivalent to limited partnership)

Music & Lyrics are credited as:
Fogarty-Fogarty, Pizzuto-Rugely, Martin-Mc Clelland, Fridley-Mc Clelland, etc

Interestingly, unlike official credits and registrations above where proper legal names are used, the singers are listed by MWM type first names:
Jonas, Sam, Joan, all, Micah, Kirk, etc

Jerry Jaffe, Polydor's National Album Promotion Director, describes the album as having "pop appeal" and had this to say about it:

"When it came to my attention that Polydor was going to release a 2 record conceptual rock album based on the old and new testaments, I was a bit skeptical, as I am sure you are. However, when I put my ears to the music, I was quite surprised and immediately understood why out A&R Department got involved in this international recording.

"The artists responsible for the music are known as Family of Love. They are a religious collective of Americans based in the outskirts of Paris. The group sent a demo tape of some of their songs to a French publisher who was quite turned on by their music. He, in turn, put the group together with Elton John's long time arranger Paul Buckmaster who was elated to bring the whole project together. The result was a big album in France which is now available here in the U.S."